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In 1970 Virgil Fox played the music of J.S. Bach at the Mecca of rock-n-roll, Fillmore East. The audience responded to Virgil’s exuberant playing with applause, cheers, dancing. Thus began the most unconventional classical music tour ever, “Heavy Organ”. Loved by his fans and hated by critics, Virgil Fox left an indelible mark on classical music. His vibrant approach to the organ still inspires musicians today. In this engaging telling of Virgil’s story, Tony Imperatrice uses narrative and live music performance to take us back in time. When the organ was king and Virgil Fox was the king of organists.

“If you don’t know who Virgil Fox was, you will be enlightened. If you think Johann Sebastian Bach is boring, you will be surprised. If you are a Fox fan who loves the roar of the pipes, you will be as happy as a spider who just found a fly carnival.”

Terrance Mc Arthur, Kings River Life

I am available to perform Bach-n-Role at your theater or event. please use the contact form for more information. Thank you

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