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New Work and my First Album

I have exciting new projects under development, and my first album is out on Bandcamp. Please sign up for my Email list to receive regular updates. Thank you

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Music under the dome

I am currently collaborating with the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder Colorado to develop 2 touring planetarium shows featuring my original ambient/post rock/electronica music. The first show is set to premiere in spring 2023.

Play it like Virgil pic 3a.jpg

Music and the Art of Inspiration

Along with the new planetarium shows I am developing a new lecture/recital program all about the inspiration and execution of my original ambient/post rock/electronica  music. Also set to premiere in spring 2023.



The first studio album of my original ambient/post rock/electronica music is now available on Bandcamp. My second album "Time" is in final production and will be out this fall. Click on the image or see my Bandcamp page for details.

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